1. explosion, boom, crash, report, shot, burst, discharge, salvo; clap, thunderclap, peal; whang, clangor, clang, clash; thump, plump, thud, Inf. whomp.
2. stroke, hit, smack, rap, knock, buffet, blow, cuff, box, Inf. wallop; slam, slap, whack, thwack, Inf. whop, Inf. bat, Inf. lick, Sl. smackeroo, Sl. sock.
3. energy, vitality, spirit, life, verve, pep; vigor, lustiness, virility, vim, Inf. zip.
4.U.S. Slang. thrill, excitement, joy, enjoyment, fun; boost, lift, Inf. kick, Inf. boot, Inf. clout, Sl. charge.
5. strike, beat, pound, hammer, stroke, hit, whack, smite, thwack; bump, thump, plump, thud.
6. bat, slam, batter, lay on, pommel, pummel, Sl. paste, Archaic. belabor; punch, Sl. sock, Sl. punch out, Sl. slug; knock, cuff, buffet, drub, box, Inf. whop, Inf. clout, Inf. wallop, Sl. poke, Sl. take a poke at, Sl. conk, Sl. bash, Sl. belt, U. S. Sl. biff, Sl. bop, Sl. zap; cudgel, bludgeon, baste, club.
7. explode, burst, boom, report, shoot, shoot off or out, blow up, pop; implode, collapse, cave in; crash, smash, break, knock, thump; sound, clang, clangor, peal, clap, jangle, ring, resound, echo, reecho.
8. bang up
damage, wreck, smash up, dent, Sl. total, bend, mar, flaw; maul, manhandle, rough up, Inf. give it to, Sl. knock around or about, Sl. give [s.o.] what for, Sl. work over, Sl. let [s.o.] have it, Sl. lay into, beat or beat up, slam around, beat [s.o.] black and blue.
9. suddenly, loudly, abruptly, violently; all of a sudden, quicker than a flash, without any warning; thump, crash, Sl. pow, Inf. slam-bang.
10. directly, precisely, Inf. smack, Inf. smack-dab, on the nose, on the spot, on the button, right on the button, on center, on target.
fringe, forelock, cowlick, bangs.

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